The spiritual community of Unity in the City 
is served and inspired by two outstanding spiritual guides
who lead our services on alternate Sundays 

CarlosNewREV. CARLOS ANDERSON is an inspirational, transformative speaker. He is a gifted recording artist, composer and author who has traveled the United States and much of the world ministering through music and the spoken word. He has worked along-side some of the world’s most inspiring spiritual teachers including Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Della Reese, Alan Cohen and Rev. Johnnie Coleman. An ordained minister for more than 30 years, Rev. Anderson currently serves as Associate Minister of Unity of New York, and was pastor of New Hope Community Church in Amherst, Massachusetts. As Founder and President of New Genesis Foundation, Inc. andLife School Ministry, he is a practitioner of the teachings of Unity, Science of Mind, and A Course In Miracles. He brings a keen command of spiritual principles and considers himself an ongoing student of world religions, having studied the traditions of Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, as well as many other spiritual paths.
Phone: 413.478.6443

revedREV. ED TOWNLEY has served Unity centers in Beaverton, OR, Chicago, Dallas and Hartford since his ordination in 1991.  One of the most in-demand speakers in the Unity movement, Rev. Ed is known for his enthusiastic metaphysical interpretations of the Bible, and for his understanding of the Hero’s Journey as a roadmap for our own, individual spiritual unfoldment.  His most recent book, Kingdom Come: A Guide to the Book of Revelation was published in 2012 by Unity Books.  He is also the author of The Secret According to Jesus, a guide to the Sermon on the Mount.  He hosts a weekly discussion program over, and answers Bible questions submitted through the international Unity website. Rev. Ed is the founder of Spirit Expressing, a “non-church” ministry dedicated to exploring the creative process through which we are called upon to bring a new dimension of spiritual consciousness into manifestation.  Spirit Expressing is currently offering weekly classes in the Hartford area based on Townley’s book, as well as monthly social and spiritual gatherings.   Future plans include concerts, theater pieces and other expressions of creative energy.